About Nancy...nh

Nancy began her career as a custom furniture maker who also taught woodworking. She transitioned to computer design, database development, website design and teacher of Online Adobe courses in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver for a community college in Oregon. Counter balancing the technical work with her Equine passion, Nancy pulled the diversity of skills together and created the Greater Good Ranch on her 30 acres in Salish Mountains in Kila, Montana. Currently partnered with 6 horses, 2 dogs a cat and chickens, there are endless possibilities for activities and healing. Computing, teaching plus abundant trail riding, equine clinics, workshops promoting wellness, communication and connection are the main focus of daily life.

Nancy's introduction to horses can be described as a mid-life passion that began in 1999. The desire to find common interest with a friend turned into full blown passion for 'everything horse' after just two riding / equine care lessons. With RFD-TV available she studied every horse program available when not out working with horses. 2003 began the study of acupressure and red light therapy, soon followed by the Masterson Method® DVD's and Book after seeing Jim's demonstration with Rick Lamb on "the Horse Show". The communication and results with every horse are simply astounding.

After years of intensely studying and applying multiple modalities of ground work, riding, Beyond Horse Massage, equine healing and rehab methods, Nancy earned her CEMP certification through Western Montana School of Equine Massage followed by initiation as a Reiki Master and Acupressure, Horse Muscle Care along with other modalities, but felt the Masterson Methodology was the key work needed for a solid foundation of understanding and awareness with horses. The MM 5 day course, field work study and MMCP certification course sparked the drive for learning and doing way more than ever considered possible. Not stopping there - Finally, Tucker BioKinetic Master Practitioner, has given me the tools to fix the horse. For everything else - Rife and Scalar completes the toolkit.

Nancy has an innate ability to connect and communicate with the horse to determine what the horse needs and will adjust the session accordingly. Nancy's mission is to share and teach awareness, connection, communication and maintenance techniques to all equine enthusiasts to help keep horses safe, sound, happy and healthy. To date Nancy has specialized in Therapy horses, sport horses, non working horses, and those who have given their all through out their lifetime and are now left with muscle bound restriction and discomfort. The empathy and understanding to peel away layers and layers of issues to rediscover the best the horse can be now and for their future is a huge reward. Knowing what your horse needs for nutrition and fitness and having the awareness of who to call for help is a powerful tool to have on hand for being a proactive owner and for building a support team for our companion’s long term welfare.

We hope to see you on the trail, in classes and private sessions.

Nancy Horne