Wellness Services

Mind, Body, Emotions, Spirit, Soul
Release of tension, Deep healing, Behavior changes... TBT Master Practitioner 2020; Brain Academy Coach 2023
Over the years my course of intensive study widened and subsequently, each modality was deepened and refined. Body checkups show us what the body can and can't do. Primary cause analysis tells us why. TBT Alignment related to motility, fluid pressures and tensions, resets internal mechanisms back to normal (ie no muscle memory).
Specific work was influenced through study with Renee Tucker who developed her Tucker BioKinetic Alignment Technique. (TBT). 
TBT is designed to solve horse problems that are considered unsolvable. TBT works with the horse's own immune system, biomechanical feedback loops, and neurovasculature mechanisms. Only by realigning the body's internal settings to "normal" can the horse return to optimal health and performance.
TBT falls under the umbrella of "energy-work." Even though we're not using our own energy, we are modulating the horse's energetical motilities.
It is a two-handed technique. That means that each hand is doing something different at the same time. This requires a strong mental focus, the horse processes and will realign. Many times only one treatment is needed. Multilayered complex issues may take several visits.

Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork

Masterson Method®
The Masterson Method uses the visual responses of the horse to your touch to find and release accumulated stress in key junctions of the body that most affect performance. These techniques enable the horse owner to open new levels of communication and relationship with their horses.
The horses love this work especially when essential oils and acupressure are woven into the assessment and treatment. While I've used this method on my horses since 2003, the advanced techniques gained through the Masterson Method Certified Practioner (2017) program are key to equine fitness.

BEMER Sessions

BEMER enhances faster healing with general bloodflow, the bodys nutrient and oxygen supplu and waste disposal, cardiac function, physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy, concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction, relaxation and sleep management.
The benefit of the Bemer is it increases blood circulation by 30%, especially to the capilaries - which allows the whole body to heal faster - organs to work better, body will remove waste - which happens when an injury occurs.
Envision blood not flowing - like cars stopped on the freeway. The Bemer opens up traffic to the freeway, all off ramps - everything works as it should, drivers are happy too…
The signal of the Bemer spreads 16” beyond the pad, both sides - so it goes right through the body also, horses that walk up next to the pad feel the benefits as well.
BEMER Sessions last from 1/2 hour to an hour.
I use the BEMER daily and the benefits are all inclusive and astounding.

Light Touch Assessment and Bodywork ...

Connection, Communication you can learn to do with your horse...
Introducing Pepsi - a fabulous Appaloosa. His neck was locked up and couldn't bend right, his shoulder was stuck and he used mouthiness to deter his human. Here is a session using the Masterson Method Light Touch method along with acupoints, Pepsi was directed to key areas that needed releasing. He did 3 full body stretches.
Why does light touch work so well? The Dermis, the layer below the Epidermis, contains two common types of nerve receptor cells. Thermo receptors respond to heat and cold while Mechano receptors respond to light pressure. These points are held gently in specific sequences to help the body achieve and maintain optimum form and function.
This method is one his owner can now follow up with on a weekly basis.


Eastern/Western • Equine & Canine
Therapeutic equine massage is a hands-on massage technique applied to a horse. The reasons are for increasing circulation, releasing muscle adhesion buildup, relaxation, relief of spasmed muscles, enhancing muscle tone and range of motion as well as an aid to training and performance enhancement.
The massage techniques may vary from horse to horse depending on sensitivity and receptivity, however, the basis of the sequencing is traditional Chinese massage - Tuina, which is the manipulation of muscle groups and stimulation and warming of acupoints along acupoint meridians. Other techniques that may be utilized are Rhythmic Muscle Pulsing , a deep two- beat pulsing upon a muscle which imprints the heart beat rhythm upon the muscle tissue and nervous system and creates a nurturing rocking motion on the animal; nerve stroking or hands- on-healing may also be utilized, depending on the animal's receptivity and sensitivity; Swedish massage which utilizes long connected sedative stokes, as well as sports massage which is a faster and deep stimuli of targeted muscles. The techniques used in a treatment include the areas of practice: Focus Meditation, Traditional Chinese Medical Theory, Acupoint Meridians, Anatomy & Physiology, Tuina Rolling & Compression, Nerve Sweeping, Rhythmic, Muscle Pulsing, Hands-on-healing, Deep Tissue - including compression, direct pressure, trigger point release, percussion & palpation, and Stretches.
As a Reiki Master (Tibetan Usui style, a Japanese form of hands on healing), I've incorporated this amazingly beneficial work into my treatment protocols, when appropriate. The areas of study include: Traditional Chinese Medical Theory, Meridians and Acupoints, Intuitional Development, Energy Fields (Auras), Chakras, Anatomy/Physiology.
I offer an assessment treatment in which I check the horses body, make note of and address the main issues found. The followup treatments work with and for the horse towards a 2 hour full body massage. Some horses love the work immediately and some need a few sessions to really feel comfortable and enjoy the feel. Regardless - progress towards health is always made. One or two treatments is highly effective 2-3 days before chiropractic adjustments.

Essential Oils...

The key to health and ease
A few years ago my horse came down with a breathing problem. I tried everything - medication, supplements, bodywork... In September 2013 I held a clinic at my place - "because I had the facility"... Little did I know this would transform my life, my animals, my family and friends. Everyone around me thrived, got well, felt great because of using essential oils. I studied plant botany and chemistry and then took an oils and acupressure course. Then followed up with an "Animals and Oils" class. Then I started putting together a database that has look up tables containing full acupressure points for humans and animals, most of the essential oils with a way to pull together protocols for dealing with typical issues. This is still in the works so look for this 'app' in the future!
I incorporate essential oils with horsemanship, bodywork and riding. Clients can include this benefit or not. When I give treatments to animals there typically is an oil or two used to increase the benefits if the owner allows.