Listening Between the Lines – Joint Venture June 30 2018

“But my horse is healthy! Perfect in fact – Is this event of value for me?”

Absolutely! Even if you’ve been with horses all your life – you will discover things you’ve never noticed or simply thought of in a different way.

This course is designed for professionals, vet techs, foster care givers, horse trainers, and horse owners!

A pro-active approach to create wellness and prevent disease is spelled out in this quote from the text known as The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, written in the third century B.C.

“The sages did not treat those who were already ill; they instructed those who were not yet ill. To administer medicines to diseases which have already begun is comparable to the behavior of persons who begin to dig a well after they are thirsty and those who begin to cast weapons after they are already engaged in battle… The superior healer helps before the earliest budding of disease.”

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