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    Presentation on Bodywork Technique for Evaluation of Discomfort

    Horses communicate with us constantly… What if they told us where their discomfort areas are with the blink of their eye? What if we could help them release the kinks and blocks? It is as easy and pointing and staying there… The thing is, we also need to prepare ourselves to enter their world so we can listen… 30 minutes that will open doors in your awareness to better connect with your horse. I suggest you begin with your body language where I left off – except with no halter and lead, stand as close as you can before your horse glances or turns her head away. (I needed to…

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    Beauty – the beautiful, small mare

    Beauty is now owned by Bobbi Hall – Stillwater Horse Whispers Ranch, LLC. Given the best of care, – shoes for dropped coffin bones, needed nutrients, she has gained 75 lbs in just over 2 months. Beauty’s eye sparkles, she is nickering and engaging in communication. Nancy Horne of Greater Good Points has given her 3 bodywork sessions that have loosen up her muscles, aligned her spine, shoulders, legs, increased circulation and improved her movement. Nancy Horne, TBT – BioKinetic Alignment Technique, MMCP, CEMP GreaterGoodPoints.com GreaterGoodRanch.com Kila, MT 59920 nancyhorne@centurytel.net 406-756-2327

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    Listening Between the Lines – Joint Venture June 30 2018

    “But my horse is healthy! Perfect in fact – Is this event of value for me?” Absolutely! Even if you’ve been with horses all your life – you will discover things you’ve never noticed or simply thought of in a different way. This course is designed for professionals, vet techs, foster care givers, horse trainers, and horse owners! A pro-active approach to create wellness and prevent disease is spelled out in this quote from the text known as The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, written in the third century B.C. “The sages did not treat those who were already ill; they instructed those who were not yet ill. To…

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    “And what if I’d stayed there?” Anna Twinney’s life changing quote…

    I’ve been hearing this phrase in my head– spoken with Anna Twinney’s voice, over and over for the past few months… Anna spent the last 3 summers here – each year in June, and we all shared some magical times as well as heart wrenching realizations… Last years clinic, for me, was life changing for the best of times, as well as the worst of times – while I was in the midst of end of life challenges for 2 dogs and a horse. (Turns out my horse most probably lost her life due to an antibiotic shot, not the injury… heartbreaking – what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.)…

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    Equine injury, Excede antibiotic, side effects warning

    This post is about an injury, the treatment and after effects, finally the release of life. Here is my story… I researched and found others experiences with Excede – posted at the end. Why are Veterinarians still using this drug when many deaths occur due to it’s usage? 3-26-18 HEARTBREAKING UPDATE: I discovered some information that research is providing strong backing for. The morning Shanti was injured, the vet gave her a shot of the antibiotic Excede. 4 days later, the follow up shot was given. The horrendous events started after the first shot – edema, infection, whole body filled with air, etc. Fully documented and photographed and shared with…

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    Equine Wellness Sessions

    Athletic physical injuries are addressed, plus we also look at the fact that the joints, muscles and ligaments share certain nerve centers within particular organs and irritation in an organ can cause a problem in the joint. The inverse also applies – a problem in a joint can set off a problem in an associated organ. Treating either component will bring about health – treating both aspects ensures optimal well-being.  Causes of problems: Our insides are neatly contained within an envelope called our skin, which works as a defense against outer aggressions. Our skin protects our life. Physical trauma is a destructive action that weakens us. Wounds heal but the…

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    Horses are equal to humans in greatness, both have different strengths…

    “Horses learn through repetition, but I don’t think it has to be limited to some basic maneuvers or a handful of patterns. They (horses) are so much more sensitive and intelligent than we are aware of but because we are intelligent in other ways, we may think of them as inferior. The fact is, they are so much more tuned into us because of them being a prey animal than we are tuned into them. There’s a lot of missed opportunity to acknowledge their sensitivity and open lines of communication. They are very capable of acknowledging the slightest gestures we make and responding accordingly and by realizing this sensitivity and…

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    What (& where) is the point?

    The half day retreat: We will begin by diving right into a demonstration of working with a horse – approach & greet. By applying light touch to key areas on the horses’s body –  the horse will show us varying levels of discomfort and restriction. By using several techniques, we will help the horse release the tension we find. Through this work we will compare two horses and identify their energy – by response and comfort level to release tension. We will observe this work on a dog and test some points on ourselves. Call 406-756-2327 Email: nancyhorneggr@gmail.com

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    Anna Twinney – Equine Assessment

    So grateful to see this amazing demo of just how good it can be between a horse and a human. This horse assessment was 17 minutes. At the end of the demo Anna states her “evaluation” – essentially what information she gleamed from working with this horse for only 17 minutes. This session was the most amazingly precise and integral work that I’ve seen – clear, concise, respectful and full of questions, ‘asks’ and answers. What a conversation to watch!

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    Howdy The Mule

    First session. Mules are thinkers, they need time so take the time it takes, allow them to feel and focus on their body, and release tension. Why does light touch work so well? The Dermis, the layer below the Epidermis, contains two common types of nerve receptor cells. Thermo receptors respond to heat and cold while Mechano receptors respond to light pressure. These points are held gently in specific sequences to help the body achieve and maintain optimum form and function. Light touch also talks to the nerves. As we are aware, the discomfort problem we see/feel is not the preliminary problem, it typically is the compensation. By allowing the…