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    Casper Day 7

    Day 6, I moved Starry in with Casper. Starry is my 20 year old gelding, he lost his mate in 2017. He lives with 2 mares and a gelding, but he gets pushed around and feels disconnected. He is an amazing guy, but lately he has lost his sparkle. I’m hoping he and Casper end up as best buddies. With a new horse in his round pen, Casper is thrilled… We had gained a good connection, yet after 6 days, he remained untouchable, in his mind and senses. The first goal in our partnership is to stand close to him and have him feel comfortable with this. We’ve achieved this.…

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    Casper Day 2 & 3

    Casper Day 2 Building trust one step at a time. He came right up to me first thing and bumped his nose to my hand in a clear Mutual Greeting! Lots of Mirroring – I filled what he did, where he went and in turn he followed me too. He met my dogs – all is well with that. Did I mention this guy is amazing? Casper Day 3This time Casper met my cat and revisited the dogs. We started off with just uncovering his hay. I went out several hours later and gave him his morning meal, with cut pieces of carrots and I brought a jolly ball. We…

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    Coffee with Casper – Day 1 after adoption.

    Beginning of connection 12-7-19I am now owned by 5 amazing horses. I love and care for them, day after day, year after year. Last week I fell in love with #5 – Casper – by the look in his eye. Horses abandoned to live on their own, on land… Then they needed to be removed from that land – a private case, not BLM removing horses from Public lands. A rescue organization stepped up – took them all to their facility. The horses were brought back to health and given amazing care. Thousands of hours of care, love and patience. These rescue organization women and their team are astounding humans…

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    Animal Communication – Anna Twinney

    My friend Anna Twinney has honed her amazing gifts as she telepathically talks with animals, and people. She has spoken with my dog, and my horse – and she gave me details that were 100% right on, and she couldn’t have known those details unless Kallie and Shanti directly answered her questions… Check out her website, she educates us with her DVD’s, courses and her book..www.ReachOutToHorses.com

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    Current Happenings

    There is a lot going on here at Greater Good Points and Greater Good Ranch, LLC. The most interesting projects are 3 more online courses – filming, editing and more research… These will expand the work presented in the first online course Equine Partnered Bodywork – Introduction. I just got back from an advanced course with Renee Tucker on July 27 & 28 in Sunland, Calif. This work is astounding as I’ll explain in a moment. This course took it to the next level, which is ‘a giant leap for human kind’ to be able to achieve, and horses directly benefit, along with other living creatures. What is Tucker BioKinetic?Tucker…

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    Fee Collection Final: Johnna Hiatt, HERR Equine Rescue and Recreation, Hiatt Entertainment Group, LLC

    Read original article: Business Integrity UPDATE: After filing a claim with Small Claims court and winning the judgement against Johnna for non-payment, then 5 months of efforts from the collection agency, the day arrived for collection. August 22, 2019 the collection agency arrived at the Hiatt property prepared to confiscate property for a public auction. Johnna Hiatt chose to pay her debt to me in full, including court costs, initial serving costs, 8.5% interest, as well as pay the incurred fees of the collection agency for their efforts. Payment to me has been received . In summary: Why did I share this story? 1. Because every word is true.2. Because…

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    The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness*

    http://fcmconference.orgOn this day of July 7, 2012, a prominent international group of cognitive neuroscientists, neuropharmacologists, neurophysiologists, neuroanatomists and computational neuroscientists gathered at The University of Cambridge to reassess the neurobiological substrates of conscious experience and related behaviors in human and non-human animals. While comparative research on this topic is naturally hampered by the inability of non-human animals, and often humans, to clearly and readily communicate about their internal states, the following observations can be stated unequivocally:  The field of Consciousness research is rapidly evolving. Abundant new techniques and strategies for human and non-human animal research have been developed. Consequently, more data is becoming readily available, and this calls for a…

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    Business Integrity and a message

    There’s nothing more important or valuable than time and integrity. Time spent, time given, hired time, and donated time. Integrity – walk our talk and talk our walk – stand behind what we feel, speak and do. The next valuable items on my list are the following: trust, honesty, respect, truth, wisdom, humility, courage… When we are asked or are hired to share our time to do a job to help someone, this signifies a working relationship. The responsibilities lie with both parties, for clear communication, for teamwork. for giving our all to get the job done to the greatest good for all. This is especially important when others have tried, solutions did…