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    Animal Communication – Anna Twinney

    My friend Anna Twinney has honed her amazing gifts as she telepathically talks with animals, and people. She has spoken with my dog, and my horse – and she gave me details that were 100% right on, and she couldn’t have known those details unless Kallie and Shanti directly answered her questions… Check out her website, she educates us with her DVD’s, courses and her book..www.ReachOutToHorses.com

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    Current Happenings

    There is a lot going on here at Greater Good Points and Greater Good Ranch, LLC. The most interesting projects are 3 more online courses – filming, editing and more research… These will expand the work presented in the first online course Equine Partnered Bodywork – Introduction. I just got back from an advanced course with Renee Tucker on July 27 & 28 in Sunland, Calif. This work is astounding as I’ll explain in a moment. This course took it to the next level, which is ‘a giant leap for human kind’ to be able to achieve, and horses directly benefit, along with other living creatures. What is Tucker BioKinetic?Tucker…

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    Fee Collection Final: Johnna Hiatt, HERR Equine Rescue and Recreation, Hiatt Entertainment Group, LLC

    Read original article: Business Integrity UPDATE: After filing a claim with Small Claims court and winning the judgement against Johnna for non-payment, then 5 months of efforts from the collection agency, the day arrived for collection. August 22, 2019 the collection agency arrived at the Hiatt property prepared to confiscate property for a public auction. Johnna Hiatt chose to pay her debt to me in full, including court costs, initial serving costs, 8.5% interest, as well as pay the incurred fees of the collection agency for their efforts. Payment to me has been received . In summary: Why did I share this story? 1. Because every word is true.2. Because…