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Fee Collection Final: Johnna Hiatt, HERR Equine Rescue and Recreation, Hiatt Entertainment Group, LLC

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UPDATE: After filing a claim with Small Claims court and winning the judgement against Johnna for non-payment, then 5 months of efforts from the collection agency, the day arrived for collection.

August 22, 2019 the collection agency arrived at the Hiatt property prepared to confiscate property for a public auction. Johnna Hiatt chose to pay her debt to me in full, including court costs, initial serving costs, 8.5% interest, as well as pay the incurred fees of the collection agency for their efforts.

Payment to me has been received .

In summary: Why did I share this story?
1. Because every word is true.
2. Because of our legal process – the information from this lawsuit is public.
3. Because I am not the only one who was not paid for services upon receipt on invoices. Unlike the others, none of the checks I was given bounced. Two of my invoices were not paid, so I stopped providing services and gave instructions for following up – care for the horses.
4. As stated by the collector – chances are Johnna will choose to continue to do business in this manner – bouncing checks or not paying – based on her profile / attitude.
5. You, the reader are now empowered to make an educated choice:
a. You have a better understanding of the law in MT.
b. You have been given a ‘heads up’ for possible losses should you choose to do business with an offender.
6. My message has been sent: This is not about money. This process was about business integrity – intent of doing the best job possible, honoring the horses, walking my talk, talking my walk, and doing no harm.
7. Educate yourself – this is our responsibility. Drama and horses do not mix. Drama and business do not mix.

Previous update:

Being a property owner in Flathead valley since 1990, I am a part of a tight community of horse owners, healers, bodyworkers, veterinarians, trainers, caregivers… Many are friends and colleagues in this ‘small town’, we honor each other’s perspective and our relationships because of the interdependency of needs in the horse world.

Respectable business behavior includes stating what you want others to do for you when you’re paying them for their time. When a business relationship has been built, work has been done, it is best to insure clients are paid and checks don’t bounce.

Three other clients mentioned they have experienced bounced checks from Johnna Hiatt, HERR Equine Rescue and Recreation and Hiatt Entertainment. This insult also incurs bank charges and time loss to re-collect. Send the message to Johnna Hiatt that damaging you and this community is not acceptable…

Legal pathways to gain payment due if you have suffered a bounced check or non-payment for services rendered.

  • I won a judgement in small claims court.
  • I re-hired the collection agency to file a “Writ of Execution” to collect the judgement awarded. This collection agency does the full collection process, which will include seizing assets if needed, until the judgement is met.
  • Interest of 8.5% and payment for collection services, & seizing assets will be collected and paid for by the Employer.
  • This process will be on public record for Johnna Hiatt personally and her 2 businesses, as well as being publicly on record and available via search in multiple places.

UPDATE on progress collecting funds:

August 1, 2019

A check has been received after the Collection company garnished two bank accounts owned by the client who didn’t pay my invoices. There were insufficient funds to collect the full amount owed.

The next step is for the Collection company I hired to research assets owned by the non paying client and sell them in a public auction. They will sell enough assets in order to repay the rest of my judgement fee, the collection company fees and the continued 8.5% interest rate. 

The Collection company will not stop until funds are received. Yes, it is crazy that all this is a very public process. Hopefully your awareness of this process will save you a lot of time and grief.

Sept 9 2019 –

Invoiced amount in full – includes interest as well as fees to collection agency. Worth the effort to go through small claims court.

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