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There is a lot going on here at Greater Good Points and Greater Good Ranch, LLC. The most interesting projects are 3 more online courses – filming, editing and more research… These will expand the work presented in the first online course Equine Partnered Bodywork – Introduction.

I just got back from an advanced course with Renee Tucker on July 27 & 28 in Sunland, Calif. This work is astounding as I’ll explain in a moment. This course took it to the next level, which is ‘a giant leap for human kind’ to be able to achieve, and horses directly benefit, along with other living creatures.

What is Tucker BioKinetic?
Tucker BioKinetic is an energetic alignment technique for horses.  Using the body’s own mechanisms, it zooms-in on the primary, underlying issue to heal.
It is NOT reiki, tellington touch, masterson, acupressure or anything else it “looks” like.
Dr. Tucker created BioKinetic through her own experience, background, certifications, and healing prayer.
While Tucker BioKinetic aligns the body (including the skeleton), it is not considered a chiropractic technique.

What can I now do with Tucker BioKinetic Technique? (While I could ‘do’ this work after my last course along with the bi-monthly training on Consult Grad Group, this last weekend course kicked up my abilities about 10 notches!…)
• Complete Skeletal Alignment and organ alignment
• Target the primary CAUSE of misalignment 
• Eliminate “muscle memory”

Why did I get so much out of the weekend course?
Well, first, I took a day off to get climatized… The weather in the Burbank, CA area is much warmer than in Montana, this summer averaging 25 degrees cooler.
I drove to, then hiked the trail to the Griffith Park Observatory. I visited with Galileo (In 1609, astronomer Galileo Galilei learned of the telescope—an invention that magnified the view of distant objects. He built one for himself with a tube and lenses, and used it to observe the sky. Galileo resolved stars in the Milky Way, mapped the Moon’s surface, and discovered the moons of Jupiter) and viewed the sites around LA. The view was the clearest/cleanest I’ve seen it.
When I visited Menifee CA last December for a few weeks, traffic was horrific and ‘scenic’ was not a word I would use… This trip was fine.
Next I visited the Zoo and spent time and space connecting to those encaged wise ones that remind us being alive to educate others matters…

The play day was fun and hot! 94+ was a bit of a shock after mild Montana at 75 degrees. I was better prepared as I headed for class on the weekend.
Saturday I headed to class and was rear ended at 6:20 am! I was moving when hit, about to turn a corner. There was absolutely no warning, which is probably why I wasn’t hurt. Instructor Renee gave me multiple sessions of ‘fix it bodywork’- atlas, skull, it took some time to adjust. Due to the almost immediate realignment, I felt little pain after the accident, just a slight headache, and had continued flashbacks throughout the first day… Having paid for this class 10 months ago, I wasn’t about to let anything get in my way of attending and completing the assignments.
At 8 am Renee, Kate and I started class on the sidewalk waiting for the tow truck for my totaled rental car. Renee gave us each a session at the end of class Sunday, adjusting my whole spine and a few other things, wow.
The good news about this horrendous experience is I feel extreme gratitude to Renee at being able to experience this work and feel the results when in extreme need after an injury. Relieving the pain from my accident as well as restrictions from past injuries resulted in free range of motion in my neck. The movement feels astounding and I can touch my fingertips to the ground, which I haven’t been able to easily do in 20 years. This gives me huge insight for better offering sessions to others. After 7 days I’ve experienced a couple days of headache and today – painful trigger point in my cervical vertebrae, but that is understandable. I got lucky, and with my bodywork skills, can continue to manage the issues that have come up so far. Without these skills I’d be spending a fortune.
What matters is our actions and behavior. This guy was driving in a wreckless manner, traveling at extreme speed and not paying attention in what matters. The woman working at the bakery down the street said this was a dangerous street as people continue to speed, Police don’t even come to accident sites. Blatant disregard for human life, IMO.

My rental car is red, hit from behind, probably totaled…
The car that hit me is this blue one, all airbags deployed.

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