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    What (& where) is the point?

    The half day retreat: We will begin by diving right into a demonstration of working with a horse – approach & greet. By applying light touch to key areas on the horses’s body –  the horse will show us varying levels of discomfort and restriction. By using several techniques, we will help the horse release the tension we find. Through this work we will compare two horses and identify their energy – by response and comfort level to release tension. We will observe this work on a dog and test some points on ourselves. Call 406-756-2327 Email: nancyhorneggr@gmail.com

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    Anna Twinney – Equine Assessment

    So grateful to see this amazing demo of just how good it can be between a horse and a human. This horse assessment was 17 minutes. At the end of the demo Anna states her “evaluation” – essentially what information she gleamed from working with this horse for only 17 minutes. This session was the most amazingly precise and integral work that I’ve seen – clear, concise, respectful and full of questions, ‘asks’ and answers. What a conversation to watch!

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    Howdy The Mule

    First session. Mules are thinkers, they need time so take the time it takes, allow them to feel and focus on their body, and release tension. Why does light touch work so well? The Dermis, the layer below the Epidermis, contains two common types of nerve receptor cells. Thermo receptors respond to heat and cold while Mechano receptors respond to light pressure. These points are held gently in specific sequences to help the body achieve and maintain optimum form and function. Light touch also talks to the nerves. As we are aware, the discomfort problem we see/feel is not the preliminary problem, it typically is the compensation. By allowing the…