Howdy The Mule

First session. Mules are thinkers, they need time so take the time it takes, allow them to feel and focus on their body, and release tension.
Why does light touch work so well? The Dermis, the layer below the Epidermis, contains two common types of nerve receptor cells. Thermo receptors respond to heat and cold while Mechano receptors respond to light pressure. These points are held gently in specific sequences to help the body achieve and maintain optimum form and function. Light touch also talks to the nerves. As we are aware, the discomfort problem we see/feel is not the preliminary problem, it typically is the compensation. By allowing the mule, horse, dog, person to relax muscle groups, we release the tightness/brace/tension, AKA ‘coat of armor’. This allows the blood to flow, muscles to oxygenate and body to realign itself. This affects the mind, emotions and physical state of being, AKA our health.

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