Equine Wellness Sessions

Athletic physical injuries are addressed, plus we also look at the fact that the joints, muscles and ligaments share certain nerve centers within particular organs and irritation in an organ can cause a problem in the joint. The inverse also applies – a problem in a joint can set off a problem in an associated organ. Treating either component will bring about health – treating both aspects ensures optimal well-being. 

Causes of problems: Our insides are neatly contained within an envelope called our skin, which works as a defense against outer aggressions. Our skin protects our life. Physical trauma is a destructive action that weakens us. Wounds heal but the body retains memories of scars, pain and stress. Psychological trauma creates another breach of our defenses, no superficial scar tissue results, but the memory imprints itself deep inside the body. This weak link will show up in our most sensitive spot or vulnerable organ.

In addition to physical stress, our bodies give off energetic, ‘electromagnetic’ fields that builds a guard or shield around our skin, subtle and invisible. We are aware when someone comes too close to what we call ‘our bubble, our personal space’. This invasion happens in many ways and causes stress and tension. Continued breach of this spatial bubble creates exhaustion, which is felt by our emotions, but comes as a direct reaction from our organs, causing results such as ‘bellyache’, ‘heartburn’, ‘gut feeling’, ‘left me breathless’…

Solutions: Through application of referred listening skills, finding weaknesses – areas lacking responses or over responding, and applying corrective activity skills to realign structural integration on bones, joints, muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels, organs, and nerves results in optimal health and fitness. 

Many points, huge benefits!

Nancy provides sessions on horses and dogs with techniques that include assessment skills, Manual therapy,  Tucker BioKinetic Body Checkups and Tucker BioKinetic Alignment, Masterson Method® – Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork.

Additional modalities practiced also include Acupressure, Physical and Energy Healing, Red Light, Cold Laser,  BEMER therapy, Equine Massage and Essential Oils.

Nancy also specifically teaches pre-work for owners, handlers to better their awareness, intent and connection. and

Nancy Horne, MMCP, CEMP, TBT – BioKinetic Alignment Technique
Kila, MT 59920
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