My new online equine bodywork course is getting great reviews!

My new online equine bodywork course is getting great reviews!
Equine Partnered Bodywork will introduce a light touch technique we can do WITH our horse. We will discover the connection of how to ask for and observe our horse’s consent to be with us. By applying a light touch to the neck of a horse, we will see and recognize different levels of response. As a result, we will discover that by applying a light touch and staying on the point or area, the horse will ‘process and release’ their own tension, be it physical, mental, emotional. We in turn will feel our stress level melt away into relaxation. (This works with dogs as well, course coming soon)
Nancy Horne
“Nancy, it’s wonderful! Not only does it show some very gentle, effective bodywork techniques, it also really leads a person into a meditative state with horses.
I also like the Udemy website, they provide a very easy format to be able to navigate the different segments. “
Stormy May – The Path of the Horse”It’s wonderful ! and so easy to follow, understand and easy to do .
I hope to be able to give a retired horse a little human attention in the near future and he will deffinatly feel the benifit of what Nancy is showing !!!!!! Thank you”
Jennie Hellkvist

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