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Learning With the Intent ‘To Be’…

Intent – the most expansive word in the english language…More to come on this, but for now:

From non-linear learning to expansive application of skills based on feel and intuition

Linear learning is a step by step process to get from point A to point B or a pattern that is done the same over and over with a little variation. One would think that learning to use a software program like the Adobe apps – Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Illustrator would be a linear learning style. One would think woodworking would need to be a linear process, and equine bodywork as well… The answer is ‘a little’, but really “it depends”. Yes – there are many linear learning steps to master, but application – putting these skills to use –  depends on learning through feel and applying intuition with the use of our senses.

“Both linear and non linear learning go hand in hand when heading towards self mastery.”

It is the learners responsibility to take care of themselves through the process. So yes – study the basics – to go from point to point and achieve an end result. Step outside your comfort zone to achieve something new – beyond the original lesson. Practice more, solidifying the linear process and expanding your application of techniques.
When something has been presented that is unclear, dig deep to get answers. Practice active learning.

“When it comes to equine bodywork, “It depends” is expansive…”

There are linear learning basics like anatomy, body systems – how the systems work together – bones, muscles, organs, circulatory, lymph, respiratory, spinal column etc… Then there is equine behavior, horsenalities, innate vs learned behavior and responses. Let’s also compare brain differences – humans are thinkers, analyzer’s first and foremost (frontal lobe), movers and sensors come in second. Horses have senses at birth (reptilian brain, Limbic system) that are extensive and continue to expand,  sesnes by the age of two are greater than humans can achieve in their lifetime.
Considering the above, and considering the whole horse – sport horse, non sport, ridden vs non ridden, elder vs young, state of health in the elder years – consider physical injuries, emotional, spiritual and mental injuries… just where does one begin? How can one ‘help’ the horse as well as come up with a detailed report for the owner?
Well, thanks for asking!
Having studied and applied the linear learning processes,  stepped outside the boundaries and discovered the universe is large, wide and expansive, that’s where I’ve found my niche…
Equine Partnered Bodywork starts without a halter or lead rope, usually starts in a large field, paddock or arena, and begins with the greeting of hello, are you interested in connecting?
The first half hour I glimpse and relate their spirit, communication style, are they curious and open hearted? a professional school master? mistrusting but open, mistrusting and closed, possibly with a fight response… to then determine the level of discomfort they carry be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual… and to determine where the restrictions and discomforts are. Then the process of releasing the tension, pain, and setting up the horse to self correct.
When we do connect, I offer benefit – I find a reason for them to want to be with me, which results in a release of tension, even if I don’t touch them. In the session’s beginning they may leave any time they want and walk to the end of the arena. By the sessions end they will stand in place and enjoy what they are allowing themselves to experience.
Once a horse dropped down and went into a deep sleep. The owner and I simply held space until she got up. She had gone to a trainer and ended up spending the winter due to the snow and no possibility to transport back. The experience left damage – emotionally, physically… and the need for continued self preservation. I see this all too often and it is why I teach my work to all.
Yes – this study is self serving.
I can no longer bare to watch the horses suffering when there is no reason to. Learn a little of what I have to offer, change in every horse will be seen, felt and the world will be a better place for the greater good for all.
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