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‘End of life’ presence… the essence of time.

‘End of life’ presence… the essence of time.
When the end of life advances, it is a time for celebration, for honoring connection, sharing eye contact, hugs, joy, bliss and even connecting with saddness. Honoring grief and loss is a skill I’m still working on, as is keeping air in my lungs as we get closer to the light…
This process gets harder, yet lighter, as I get more present, as I see and understand where we are going, as I feel so out of control. The richness of eye contact and soul to soul connection is what quality life is about. The more I do ‘for’, reaches a point where ‘less’ is a better choice, to honor our spirit of life.
When being present, with no control over destiny, one can only bear our soul and offer our greater goodness to the heart and eyes owned by the one’s we thought would be here so much longer.
My ultimate regrets: Letting the challenges of life consume my time and allowing bad energy of a recent business experience to disconnect my ability to be present to the ones who mean the most to me.
There is time to make ‘it’ right, a life changing decision made, but the emptiness and loss of quality time that could have been spent together, bruises my heart.
One moment and footstep at a time, present every minute with one of my timeless furry connections, a wise ‘old soul’. Rich yet heartbreaking.
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