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Spark, Flame or Fizzle? Find your soul…

You’ve done it! Signed up for a class, an online course, college course/program, hired a trainer, coach, or made a commitment to self study a topic of choice and now you are determined to meet this goal to satisfy the spark and better yourself and your future!

This is a great first step, it is a big one, it is your first goal met, and reason to celebrate! You’ve got this! Now on to the next step…

Clarify your goals:

Question the trainer /teacher – are they available and willing to answer questions? Are they available to put together a custom program for you and your team? are they willing to offer extra resources to get you unstuck?

If you’ve taken the initiative to move forward – dive in! The value you take away is dependent on an individual plan or work team plan – revise the plan as needed to meet the possibilities. Write it out or create a flow chart.

Make sure everyone is clear on what their role is – the learner needs to dedicate time, the team will need to be involved and be supportive, the family or co-workers will need to support and fill in.

Spark into Flame!

The spark of interest can burst into a flame that empowers you, literally change the direction of your life!

Question your learning style – are you an active and involved learner? willing to ask questions, send emails, communicate, take charge? Are you willing and able, time wise, to do the work, to practice, and incorporate new material into your living habits? If so – these actions head towards the flame!


Are you an observer and want a view of the material to determine it’s worth, wait and see what happens? This spark will more than likely fizzle as the goal is a destination that is reached after the ‘process’ is experienced…

The spark of interest can fizzle out, if you expect to be spoon fed information that makes sense to your learning style, if you don’t ask questions to get clarification, or if you don’t take charge and feed the curiosity.

You are a Learner, Seeker, Student and with that title comes a BIG responsibility!

In essence, you have just hired yourself to complete a project. The responsibility for success is yours, whether you are working alone or with a team. Ask for help when you need it in order to fully focus.

Tools: We carefully choose the food we eat, the same is true for feeding our brains! Choose additional tools to add to your experience. What is missing?

Collect resources to enhance the learning experience… google your questions, search youtube for video’s to see what others are doing, there are so many additional resources available – reach out – search, find a study buddy…

What is your learning style?

What is your level of patience? These days many of us work well in 3 minute bursts of focus. Others of us don’t really get started until 10 minutes in… then we work for hours and hours straight.

Finally… FOCUS on the subject of interest! There will be lots of opportunities to get side tracked, advice – don’t go there… Expand your research, but focus on the task, meet your goals on time, feed your curiosity.

What could this lead to?

I’ve taught for the past 40 years and have taken many courses. Several certifications and thousands of hours living my passion I create diverse programs working with horses. I also do computer consulting – websites, graphic design, database design as well as teach Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. While this sounds like a lot of upkeep, the diverse nature of my work and my interests requires I wear many hats.

Since 2000, my main passion is spending time with horses. I took many courses and completed certification programs for equine body work. Body work can be something we do to the horse, but my passion is working with horsesEquine Partnered Bodywork. The steps to success are earning their trust, staying under their brace, Listening to what they have to say, finding a benefit to offer them to suit their immediate needs and longterm needs – be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

The program and courses I put together are based on “It depends”. It is not linear, logical… Like humans, horses have personality styles, learning styles, different levels of patience. Horses do not have a frontal lobe – physically they don’t plot and plan against us – they aren’t capable of this. At the age of 2, horses  senses are beyond humans ability to sense. While we both can be masters at our best abilities – humans need to re connect with our ability to sense in order to really relate to our horse. As horses age, are used for sport, stand around their bodies begin to collect issues.

I teach people to see the communication horses offer, I offer interpretations of what they are telling us. My program shows evaluation techniques for finding and releasing discomfort so the horse can self correct their own bodies before issues become chronic or acute. Helping a horse find and release discomfort encourages them to stay in shape, be comfortable, healthy and live a longer happier life.The connection  we develop is deep and rich.

I work without a lead rope and halter. This means the horse is free to stay or leave. I modify my behavior in ways to capture the horses curiosity and trust. When giving a horse complete freedom to be a partner, we both bare our soul to each other. This time spent with horses is the richest time spent in my life. The horse gets the added benefit of becoming pain free.

Call me today for a demonstration, a training session or full training program. Online courses are close to completion… Watch for a news release!

Nancy Horne 406-756-2327

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