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Presentation on Bodywork Technique for Evaluation of Discomfort

Horses communicate with us constantly…
What if they told us where their discomfort areas are with the blink of their eye?
What if we could help them release the kinks and blocks?

It is as easy and pointing and staying there… The thing is, we also need to prepare ourselves to enter their world so we can listen…

30 minutes that will open doors in your awareness to better connect with your horse.
I suggest you begin with your body language where I left off – except with no halter and lead, stand as close as you can before your horse glances or turns her head away. (I needed to be close to the camera in order to catch the details)

16 minutes in – The bay horse Mikaila – I post videos on ‘the invite’ and the evaluation. Watch carefully the body language when my actions cause her to disconnect. The first where I show where the bladder Meridian is on her body – With the lead rope I ‘demand’ she stand still. Look at her eyes face, body – how she freezes and leaves… The following videos I point out how she is not there, and finally the last video where she does connect.

The two things I do to get her to want to be with me are – I drop the lead rope so I am no longer ‘controlling her’ and I step back and quit being so invasive in her space. Her head lowers and she relaxes.
I am creating an online course that teaches a lot of subtle details that make a big difference in partnership.

Click on the youtube link to watch this bigger, click on the settings wheel to up the quality.

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